CBR: Dean Haspiel Delivers A Finale For The Fox


Get a series retrospective as series plotter and artist Dean Haspiel chats with Comic Book Resources on how the finale came to be, how the project changed his style and what’s to come for the titular hero.

Before the everyman hero backflips off into the sunset, CBR News spoke with Haspiel about the journey to date. Below, the cartoonist explains how the time-jumping, feature-folding finale came to be, what personal touches he’s brought to the Fox’s adventures, how collaborating with two writers has changed his own storytelling style and why he’ll be back for another Fox series in the not so distant future.

Newsarama Interviews Haspiel & DeMatteis


The creative team behind “Freak Magnet” Part 5 talks to Newsarama about today’s release – and what the future holds for The Fox.

Ever since award-winning creators Dean Haspiel launched Archie’s new The Fox series with Mark Waid, the comic has introduced the character to a new generation of fans with action-packed adventures and an old-school attitude.

And now Haspiel, who plotted and drew the first four issues of The Fox, has announced that the current five-issue mini-series, that finishes this week, will get a follow-up soon. After the end of the current storyline, “Freak Magnet,” the Fox will get a new storyline, “Fox Hunt.”

Working with Waid and now DeMatteis, Haspiel has turned The Fox into a reluctant superhero, a “freak magnet” who can’t avoid trouble, yet clearly enjoys himself in the midst of a fight. Now that DeMatteis is not only taking over for Waid’s former scripting and dialogue duties, but has also plotted this week’s #5, Newsarama talked to Haspiel and DeMatteis about what comes next for the hero in this week’s finale to “Freak Magnet” — and beyond.

Comic Vine Debuts The Fox #5 Trailer


Comic Vine has revealed the trailer to Red Circle’s The Fox #5. With the end of the “Freak Magnet” saga comes the final trailer for the critically-acclaimed psychedelic mini-series. Get a look at the freakiest issue yet!

Take a look at the trailer, then pick up a copy of The Fox #5 at your local comic shop today!

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Comic Book Resources Exclusively Previews The Fox #5


Dean Haspiel teams with J.M. DeMatteis for the freakiest finale you’ve ever seen!

Comic Book Resources has posted their exclusive preview of The Fox #5. The titular hero is thrown 70 years in the past – and must team with fellow Red Circle hero THE SHIELD to save the world!

Check out the “FOX FIVE” Variant Covers, along with the first pages released for the end of the “Freak Magnet” saga!

The Fox #5 goes on sale next Wednesday, March 12th.


Dean Haspiel (plots and illustration) and Mark Waid (dialogue) of The Fox sat down for a chat with David Betancourt of Washington Post’s Comic Riffs!

“Teeming with talent, Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel are sly like the Fox with deft Red Circle miniseries,” Washington Post says – clicky to read the full article!

Don’t miss out on The Fox!


The Reviews are in for THE FOX #4 — and they’re AWESOME

We knew we were making an amazing comic book when we started putting THE FOX together, and the reviews on issue #4 are only confirming it!

“Whether you realized it or not, The Fox has quietly become one of the most consistently entertaining superhero books on the market, expertly balancing its humorous, laugh-a-minute tone with creative characters, frenetic action sequences, and a sense of high adventure that simply cannot be phoned in,” says Dan Casey of Nerdist.com — AS THEY PUT THE FOX #4  THEIR PULL LIST!

“Artist Dean Haspiel and scripter Mark Waid — who adapts and enhances Haspiel’s original story outlines — are an absolute comics dream team. Together, their work on The Fox is one of those increasingly rare instances where a captivating new mythos is unfolding before our very eyes. ” — Den of Geek

“The content that is being offered by Red Circle is way above the current standard of the word “good”.” – Comic Bastards – who gave this issue of The Fox 5/5 stars!

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Catch the EXCLUSIVE preview of The Fox #4

Comic Book Resources has a preview of The Fox #4!

Catch the next thrilling installment of The Fox with ‘The Voodoo You Do’! See our hero the Fox battle the crazed King of Diamonds! As the Queen of Diamonds might say, “This story must not be missing your reading!” Plotted and illustrated by Dean Haspiel with dialogue by Mark Waid, The Fox #4 is sure to entertain!

And don’t forget to catch up on the story so far!


USA Today Debuts THE FOX #4 Trailer


The Fox #4 variant cover by David Mack

USA Today’s blog Pop Candy has unveiled the exclusive trailer for THE FOX #4, on sale February 5, 2014. The penultimate chapter of this mini-series is only a week away, and you’re in for some thrilling surprises! Here’s what Dean Haspiel had to say about the series:

The Fox lets me unleash unbridled action and adventure where a reluctant superhero could wax desires and anxieties while kickboxing psychedelic monsters and galactic druids. Thanks to Archie/Red Circle Comics and my amazing collaborators, I feel like I’ve finally made a substantial superhero story that can sit proud among the classic comic books that inspired me to draw in the first place.

Enjoy the trailer, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of THE FOX #4 at your local comic shop on FEBRUARY 5, 2014. 

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USA TODAY spotlights THE FOX

USATODAYUSA TODAY included THE FOX on their weekly roundup “This Week in Pop.” Featured on USA TODAY’s blog Pop Candy, this list highlights the best in pop culture each week, and Red Circle Comics is thrilled to be included in this week’s list:

7. The FoxRed Circle Comics has brought back the classic character in a limited series from Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid, and it’s worth picking up. 

The Fox continues to receive high praise from comic critics and fans, news sites, and pop culture aficionados alike. Don’t miss out on the next entertaining installment of the freak magnet’s adventures in THE FOX #4, on sale February 12, 2014! 

The Fox Scores Best Mini-Series Award


The Fox received a lot of year end love for its unique spin on the superhero and it has now been recognized as the Best Mini-Series of the Year by the First Place Awards.

In addition to landing on several Best Of lists last year, The Fox’s latest issue was praised across the board for its “awesome art,” “frantic mayhem,” and “pure fun.” If you’re not reading Haspiel and Waid’s award-winning series, now is the time to hop on board!

In addition, horror fans will want to check out Afterlife With Archie, which scored several awards of its own from the First Place Awards.