By Steven Scott

The New Crusaders are back! For longtime and new readers alike, welcome to Red Circle, the home of the classic line-up of super heroes heading into the future! Comic Book Resources spoke with Crusaders editor Paul Kaminski, fresh from his promotion to Executive Director of Editorial, about what fans can expect with this renewed take on the Golden Age heroes. Led by the original patriotic hero, The Shield, this fledgling crop of newcomers have taken up the mantle of their parents’ super identities including Fly-Girl, The Comet and Fireball!

Kaminski delves into the creative process going into this digital venture including how the creative team of Sonic/Mega Man regulars Ian Flynn and Ben Bates came together and how he transitioned from video game adaptations into reviving a superhero franchise for a new generation, adding to the growing list of action/adventure titles under the Archie umbrella. Newsarama recently spoke to Flynn on how he’s outlined the series and what it was like to add his stamp to such a key piece of Archie’s history.

Fans of the previous Mighty Crusaders series will be happy knowing that this new incarnation will be a continuation of those stories, expanding on the mythology. For fans being introduced to the Crusaders for the first time, not only will this relaunch provide the perfect jumping-on point, but with the upcoming iVerse app it will be possible to delve into the Crusaders’ past adventures, giving them more insight on this team’s roots.

Until then, Archie has an array of digital stories to keep you entertained before the grand unveiling of the new and improved Crusaders!

Check back soon for CBR’s continued focus on the New Crusaders with additional announcements.

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