PUBLISHERS WEEKLY dishes on the NEW CRUSADERS with Editor Paul Kaminski

By Steven Scott

This spring, The New Crusaders are back in full force! Publishers Weekly spoke with editor Paul Kaminski on the triumphant return of these classic heroes back under Archie’s stewardship, ready to once again be unleashed upon the world. New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes will be the flagship title of the Red Circle line of comics, which the digital app supplying the brand new stories will be aptly named after. New material will be provided on a weekly basis via the Red Circle app to keep the story rolling along at a steady pace.

Placed in the trusted hands of creators Ian Flynn and Ben Bates (known for their collaborations on Sonic and Mega Man respectively), Kaminski and his team aim to introduce this new generation of heroes to fans old and new, with the stories building on previous continuity. Those earlier stories from the Red Circle catalogue will also be provided on the app to enhance the experience and fill fans in on where these characters stem from.

Stay tuned for more New Crusaders updates to come! Until then, check out some classic Archie stories digitally!


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