COMIC BOOK RESOURCES EXCLUSIVE: New Crusaders adds print component

By Steven Scott

Comic Book Resources has announced that the highly anticipated New Crusaders now have an official digital date of May 16 following last week’s coverage. To top off the excitement of the forthcoming launch, Archie Comics has revealed that in addition to the Red Circle app, there will also be a print component to follow for those who like the feel of a comic in their hands.

Archie’s Paul Kaminski and Alex Segura spoke with CBR who proceeded to divulge more details about the teens stepping into the role of superheroes for the first time. Putting emphasis on the fact that these aren’t your dad’s superheroes, Kaminski points out that “the high school setting will definitely play a role in New Crusaders over time.”

A new breed of super hero team for a new generation, the New Crusaders are back in full force ready to face any challenge that comes their way under the guidance of original team leader, The Shield. The next big thing from Archie Comics is just a month away so stay tuned!


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