Retailer news site ICv2 explores the NEW CRUSADERS with Paul Kaminiski

By Steven Scott

ICv2 recently spoke with New Crusaders editor Paul Kaminski on the Red Circle revival and uncovered some juicy new details along the way. When the story kicks off May 16th on the Red Circle app, fans will be treated to a double-size season opener to help integrate them into the world of these heroes for a new age. After a 25 plus year absence from the Archie slate, the New Crusaders picks up where the previous stories left off, expanding on previously established themes and continuity.

In addition, what is revealed is that the first arc, Rise of the Heroes, is going to be a six-issue series, which will be followed by subsequent six-issue series down the line. For fans who want to get in on the ground floor of New Crusaders material, the Red Circle app will provide weekly installments giving you a comic book’s worth of material spread out over each month.

For traditionalists who prefer the feel of a comic in their hands, New Crusaders will also have a print component but will have to wait as digital is the centerpiece of this title. For those who enjoy variants, New Crusaders has you more than covered as the first issue offers not one, but three variant covers.

Kaminski held back enough to let the intrigue set in but did have this to say – “We will be setting some major things up in these first issues, some things that are going to be affecting the entire Red Circle universe throughout its entire existence.”

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