By Steven Scott

The New Crusaders are less than a month away and series writer Ian Flynn managed to put down his pen long enough to answer some burning questions from MTV Geek and Multiversity Comics surrounding the hotly anticipated comic. Flynn should be more familiar to Archie fans as the current scribe for video game adapted characters, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, respectively.

Now prepared to take on the challenge of scripting the flagship title of the Red Circle re-launch, Flynn reveals how he prepared for the task, how previous continuity comes into play, not to mention his favorite character to write (as it happens, he’s got a sweet spot for Jaguar). Flynn reteams with frequent collaborator Ben Bates (Sonic, Mega Man) on New Crusaders, who he describes as “incredible creative force.”

So with the teams intact (both creative and super hero), New Crusaders is set to debut digitally on the Red Circle app, taking on the comic book world whilst offering fans a refreshing take on superheroes that is both new and familiar all in one. On May 16 prepare for action as the New Crusaders kick off a revolutionary era of justice.

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