NEW CRUSADERS spotlighted on major pop culture sites BUZZFEED and AIN’T IT COOL NEWS

By Steven Scott

Let the countdown begin! The Red Circle app, featuring THE NEW CRUSADERS, arrives next week on May 16.

And people are noticing.

Entertainment mega-site Buzzfeed exclusively premiered advance artwork from NEW CRUSADERS Chapter 1 in addition to getting a crash course in all things Red Circle from series writer, Ian Flynn. The longtime Sonic scribe hit upon the team’s new line up as well as a few exciting teases about what fans can expect. Flynn revealed his eagerness to set up the world and characters of the New Crusaders which skews a tad older than the all-ages Archie fare.

Flynn and series editor, Paul Kaminski, also spoke with Ain’t It Cool News, getting into the nitty-gritty of how the Red Circle app works and how this new entry in the Crusaders’ history will fall into place with pre-existing continuity. Longtime fans will be pleased to know the New Crusaders builds upon past events, expanding on the previously established universe. At the same time, new fans won’t have to be concerned with years of back story bogging them down since New Crusaders #1 is designed with fresh readers in mind, creating the perfect jumping on point.

Download the Red Circle app May 16 and take part in the new adventures of one of the greatest super hero teams of all time.

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