The NEW CRUSADERS Countdown Begins!

By Steven Scott

In less than 48 hours, the most exciting Super Hero Team debut of the year will launch digitally on the new RED CIRCLE APP. Whereas the New Crusaders will invoke nostalgia in some, carrying on the legacy of its predecessor, the Mighty Crusaders, this latest installment offers new readers a fresh take on the classic franchise, introducing a diverse line up of modern heroes.


Check out the Who’s Who section as well as the New Crusaders 101 and get to know the team before they embark on their first mission. These heroes have a lot to live up to and are more than prepared to face what opposition comes their way. The explosive double-sized season opener hits this Wednesday, May 16 so get in on the ground floor and see for yourself why these teens are destined to become the greatest heroes of the 21st century.

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