Episode 1 Act 4 of the NEW CRUSADERS Hits Today

By Steven Scott

ImageThe thrilling conclusion to Episode 1 of the NEW CRUSADERS is now available! Act 4 is now up on the Red Circle App and after the shocking season opener comes to a close, nothing will be the same again. Take part in the origins of the most exciting super hero team debut of the year leading up to the young newcomers taking on the roles they were born to inherit. Now is the perfect time to jump on board and read the entire first episode in its entirety with more to come week after week as the ongoing series rolls into Episode 2. The Shield, Comet, Fireball and the rest are back like you’ve never seen them before and the adventure is just heating up.

Don’t miss a moment of the action when you Download the Red Circle App to get weekly updates on your Apple mobile devices or get the Desktop App and read the latest chapters on your computer.

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