By Steven Scott

ImageNEW CRUSADERS fans are currently consuming the digital-first series via the Red Circle App, enabling them to read the stories as soon as they become available in the most portable fashion. Today, ROBOT 6 announced NEW CRUSADERS will be collected in trade April 2013. For those who are enjoying the digital aspect of the series, but would love to have the collection to display on their bookshelf, this is easily the best comic book news since the triumphant return of the Red Circle heroes was announced last Fall.

Those who have been keeping up on the Crusaders’ latest adventures know that this is a series worthy of being collected in print and demands inclusion in any superhero fan’s collection. For print enthusiasts, the Robot 6 piece also highlights the facts that fans can get a limited convention exclusive of the first issue of New Crusaders before its official release at the San Diego Comic Con this July. So many options to choose from, you can read New Crusaders any way you prefer, and it’s highly recommended you do so.

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