By Steven Scott

ImageiFanboy stopped by the Archie booth during San Diego Comic Con to talk Red Circle news with Archie Comics President Mike Pellerito. New Crusaders was also on the tip of everyone’s tongues as the returning heroes will soon be making their way to your local comic shop in print. Now fans who have been clamoring for hard copies of the digital-first series can contact their local comic shop and add these stories to their Red Circle collection.

Citing the recent success of the Avengers movie, Pellerito drew comparison to the New Crusaders as capturing that same attitude, plus having “a huge mystery to it.” Bigger, bolder and colorful are the words he used to sum up the super hero relaunch.

Download the Red Circle app today and see exactly what he means by that. Don’t forget to mark 9/5 on your calendar as New Crusaders day. Click here to locate your local comic shop and pre-order your copy of the sensational first issue.

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