ImageThe digital first series New Crusaders from Red Circle Comics made the leap to print earlier this month and comics mega-news site NEWSARAMA made the announcement that the prelude to LOST CRUSADE (the series that fills in the gaps between Mighty Crusaders and New Crusaders) would be printed as a backup story in issue #2. Series writer Ian Flynn spoke with Newsarama about what fans can expect from Lost Crusade and how it ties into the current New Crusaders series. In Flynn’s own words, “The first installment chronologically takes place after issue #2, as the kids of the original team are first placed into the care of Joe Higgins, [the Mighty Crusader also known as] the Shield. This serves as an introduction to the new series of stories and bridges Lost Crusade with New Crusaders.”


Future installments of Lost Crusade will pop up on the Red Circle App every month that there’s a 5th Wednesday on the digital release schedule. Stay tuned for more Lost Crusade stories in between the latest adventures of the New Crusaders!

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