Chuck Dixon, the second writer to tackle the relaunched Red Circle universe, spoke with Newsarama on his experience of writing on LOST CRUSADE, the series that fills in the gaps between the New Crusaders and the classic run of Mighty Crusaders.

Dixon elaborated on what the Red Circle characters meant to him and why he enjoys writing for them, specifically The Comet, who is the central character focused on in his story.

“I like the idea of all-ages superhero comics,” Dixon said. “I also really dig the legacy of these characters and I’m honored to be one of the creators who will help bring these great characters back to comics.”

On the possibility of returning to write more Lost Crusade adventures, Dixon says, “That’s what they tell me! I can’t wait to work in this playground again. It’s exciting to be on a re-start like this.”

Read the full interview here and download the app to get caught up on New Crusaders and Lost Crusade!

New Crusaders #3 hits comic stands this Wednesday so be sure to stop by your local comic shop and pick it up!

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