ImageComing this summer… A SUPER HERO LEGACY IS BORN! For the first time ever witness the Mighty Crusaders’ heroic battle for the fate of the world in NEW CRUSADERS: LEGACY, a unique graphic novel collection from Red Circle Comics! 

NEW CRUSADERS: LEGACY uses an innovative blend of both NEW and CLASSIC material. Picking up directly following the events of New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes, the Shield teaches the young, struggling New Crusaders about the early history of their parents, the Mighty Crusaders, seen by the reader in the form of some of the best classic tales from Red Circle super hero history. Featuring legendary comic artists and writers such as Steve Ditko, Alex Toth, Carmine Infantino, and more! 

The legacy begins this July. Don’t miss out on any of the excitement—pre-order your copy today! And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the info on the Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid Fox series, and the return of the New Crusaders in their second arc DARK TOMORROW, by following New Crusaders on Facebook and Twitter!

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