USA Today interviews Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid on “The Fox” and debuts exclusive cover art for issue #1

USA Today interviewed the creative team behind the upcoming Red Circle project “The Fox,” Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid. On sale on October 30th, The Fox centers in on Paul Patton, Jr., a photojournalist who moonlights as a crime fighter. He is also the son of the original Fox. Waid and Haspiel discuss their method of creating this new series, citing their inspirations and history. USA Today also unveiled the wraparound cover for issue #1, as well as the “FREAK MAGNET” variant, both by Dean Haspiel.


The Fox #1 wraparound cover by Dean Haspiel


The Fox #1 “Freak Magnet” variant cover by Dean Haspiel.

For more history on the classic Fox character, pick up a copy of NEW CRUSADERS: LEGACY, on sale now!

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