Comic Book Resources interviews Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid on “The Fox”

Comic Book Resources spoke with Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel about their collaboration on THE FOX. In the interview they discuss the challenges of working on a vintage character, what their process is like and how The Fox relates to New Crusaders. In addition to the interview, CBR also premiered the cover for The Fox #3 and the #3 variant cover by Mike and Laura Allred.


The Fox #3 cover by Dean Haspiel


The Fox #3 Get-FREAKY variant by Mike and Laura Allred


The Fox #1 is on sale October 30th. Excited for “High-flying adventure and bizarre threats and straight-out superhero action”?  Head to your local comic shop and pre-order THE FOX #1 ASAP.  Orders for the first issue are closing soon, so act now! 

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