Newsarama spoke with The Fox‘s Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid about the character’s history, their collaborative creative process, how new readers can get into the series, and most importantly, what The Fox says.

Marvel Comics gave us gods and monsters with romance and domestic problems while DC Comics gave us detectives and aliens with parental issues that readers could relate to. Meanwhile, The Mighty Crusaders roster were mostly lined with pulp heroes and laboratory experiments gone awry.

Where continuity keeps Marvel and DC circling a library of lore, the Red Circle universe allows for character latitude and readjustment. The Fox’s history is seemingly looser and dictated by creative spin. So, it’s safe to hop into the fray and not feel left out. – Dean Haspiel



Art from The Fox #1
Script by Mark Waid, Art by Dean Haspiel, Colors by Allen Passalaqua, Letters by John Workman


The Fox #1 hits comic shops October 30th. Orders for the first issue are closing soon, so head to your local comic shop and pre-order THE FOX #1 ASAP!

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