Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 Interviews Dean Haspiel

Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 chatted with Dean Haspiel about The Fox, discussing what drew Dean to The Fox character, how he comes up with his layouts, and who he creates his comics for.

I am going back to the roots, and yet I’m not pulling any tricks. I know it’s absurd and silly; I know that you know that we’re in it together. It’s like when I go watch a B movie and we all know it’s a B movie. I have no qualms of my comic being a B-movie comic. It’s like a drive-in theater comic. It’s fun. Is there consequence? Will there be a sense of meaning at the end? There actually will, at the end. But it’s fun. Comics can be fun.



The interview also features exclusive art from THE FOX #3, which is on sale JANUARY 8, 2014. If you’re in the NYC area the day of the issue’s release, stop by FORBIDDEN PLANET NYC at 7:00 PM to have your copy of issue #3 signed by Dean! 



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