The Reviews are in for THE FOX #4 — and they’re AWESOME

We knew we were making an amazing comic book when we started putting THE FOX together, and the reviews on issue #4 are only confirming it!

“Whether you realized it or not, The Fox has quietly become one of the most consistently entertaining superhero books on the market, expertly balancing its humorous, laugh-a-minute tone with creative characters, frenetic action sequences, and a sense of high adventure that simply cannot be phoned in,” says Dan Casey of — AS THEY PUT THE FOX #4  THEIR PULL LIST!

“Artist Dean Haspiel and scripter Mark Waid — who adapts and enhances Haspiel’s original story outlines — are an absolute comics dream team. Together, their work on The Fox is one of those increasingly rare instances where a captivating new mythos is unfolding before our very eyes. ” — Den of Geek

“The content that is being offered by Red Circle is way above the current standard of the word “good”.” — Comic Bastards – who gave this issue of The Fox 5/5 stars!

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