Newsarama Interviews Haspiel & DeMatteis


The creative team behind “Freak Magnet” Part 5 talks to Newsarama about today’s release – and what the future holds for The Fox.

Ever since award-winning creators Dean Haspiel launched Archie’s new The Fox series with Mark Waid, the comic has introduced the character to a new generation of fans with action-packed adventures and an old-school attitude.

And now Haspiel, who plotted and drew the first four issues of The Fox, has announced that the current five-issue mini-series, that finishes this week, will get a follow-up soon. After the end of the current storyline, “Freak Magnet,” the Fox will get a new storyline, “Fox Hunt.”

Working with Waid and now DeMatteis, Haspiel has turned The Fox into a reluctant superhero, a “freak magnet” who can’t avoid trouble, yet clearly enjoys himself in the midst of a fight. Now that DeMatteis is not only taking over for Waid’s former scripting and dialogue duties, but has also plotted this week’s #5, Newsarama talked to Haspiel and DeMatteis about what comes next for the hero in this week’s finale to “Freak Magnet” — and beyond.

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